Apparently I’m supposed to post something to begin

So yeah.  If you’re reading this you probably know who I am.  Perhaps you even know that on July 1 I’m boarding a plane to Tōkyō (yeah I’m going to be anal about macrons) with a bike and some other stuff, because I wanted to bike across something and to practice Japanese.  And that I’ve decided that keeping a blog seems like the most productive way of telling people that I’m still alive and about any amusing things that happen.

So.  What exactly am I doing?  I’m planning to do perhaps a little over 100km on the days that I bike, which won’t be every day.  I’m not averse to occasionally cheating by using ferries.  I don’t want to plan out everything in advance, because that would be dull.  But there are a few places I’d like to pass through for sure.  So at the moment the plan looks something like this:

Ōma at the northern tip of Honshū



Nagasaki on Kyūshū

OK, now I should stop procrastinating and go learn to deal with flat tires.


13 Responses to “Apparently I’m supposed to post something to begin”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Yay! A blog!

  2. Keshav Says:

    Yay! Macrons!

  3. sushi Says:

    What timing! I fixed my blogchecker yesterday 😀

    Have fun, Feddie.

  4. Sylvia Says:

    best of luck feddy! take pictures.

  5. My Says:

    Fedyusha, ty uzhe v Tokio? Kak ono tam? Kak tebe luchshe pisat’ — tak ili po-anglijski? Ne zabud’ obzavestis’ telefonom. Celuem.

  6. Alan Says:

    Woo! Long travels with blogs! You are going to get good at improvising things. Did you ever see The Motorcycle Diaries? It’s kind of inspirational for us. If those guys could cross a continent with negligible planning, and then go on to overthrow a government, then surely we can make it through our tip.

  7. My Says:

    Looks like there’s no Net at the northern tip of Honshū? Give a sign that you’re OK, will you please?

  8. Me Says:

    Well, I’m in a youth hostel just south of Misawa on an iMac with Mac OS 9.1 and IE 5, so wordpress doesn’t render properly and I can’t log in to make a post. Unfortunate, because I have all the time in the world: I managed to utterly destroy my tire while trying to pump it up and I have to wait till 11 for a bike shop to open. The hostel owner is nice enough to have his assistant (whom he refers to as “the staff”) to drive me there.

    • My Says:

      So is it pretty hard to come by a wired computer in those lands? Do you think you’ll be able to keep posting about every three days, or was that too optimistic?

  9. Marianna Says:

    Ura! nashelsya!!
    Fedya, please before leaving this hostel tell us where and when you can be reached next. Be kind to all of us, make better plan for a couple of days. I hope you’ll stay here for a while. What are you eating? Do you enoy it?
    The main thing – let us know your movements. And try to buy a phone – did it turn out to be impossible?

  10. Marianna Says:

    Fedya, I sent you to your gmail another phone, of a former Stanford student in Kyoto.

  11. Marianna Says:

    Fedya, ty pomnish’ chto ne vse ATM prinimayut amerikanskie kartochki. Naidi takuyu zaranee.

  12. Lauren Says:

    Well it’s good that you are okay still.

    Please survive, Feddy! And have fun.

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