Flying and such

Singapore Airlines seems to have deserved its reputation.  They were very nice to my luggage, the food was hit and miss, which is better than what one expects from an airline, the waitresses all wore pretty dresses and looked creepily doll-like, and there was a huge selection of movies.  I watched a silly French movie which actually didn’t have a point, unlike good French movies which just pretend not to.  Then I disembarked in Tokyo, spent forever trying to find an ATM that worked (although the problem was really that my account didn’t let me draw more than a certain amount), took two trains, lugging around my bike (don’t let anyone tell you that a rinkō-bukuro is convenient–it’s just better than nothing) and ended up in Haneda Airport (the main airport for domestic flights) just as it was closing.  This concept–of an airport closing–was new to me. I stood confusedly as a policeman told me this and suggested I go to the hotel.  I sat in the hotel lobby for a while, sort of pretending to sleep, until they kicked me out, around midnight.  Then finally the policemen outside were able to explain to me that there was a designated waiting area on the first floor.  I arrived there just in time to try to interpret (in very halting Japanese--I’ve gotten much better now) between them and two American soldiers who were trying to do the same thing as me.  That made me feel pretty good.  Then in the morning I was able to change to the earliest flight and flew to Hakodate.  Incidentally, on that flight they served the best apple juice I’ve ever had.  Seriously, it was amazing.

OK, I’m tired.  Next up: Hakodate. Whenever I next find Internet.


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