Ping from Tokyo

on 100Y/10min Internet.  Nikko was cool.  Today was headwind.  More later.


2 Responses to “Ping from Tokyo”

  1. My Says:

    Pong from Menlo Park! You’re moving fast, looks like. What’s Nikko? I thought it’s a brand of quality remote control toys (remember the red 4WD truck Granddad brought you from Japan umpteen years ago?)

  2. fmanin Says:

    Nikko is a town that the Tokugawa shoguns used as a symbol of their power: there’s an enormous complex of shrines and temples there with very intricate ornamentation; all their vassals were required to send artisans in order to keep it in good condition. Its name means “sunlight” — appropriately Newspeak for the occasion.

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