Tearing through Tokyo

I’m too tired to post much right now.  I’m at Carol’s place in Fujisawa, well southwest of Tokyo but a reasonable distance by train.  I’ll be staying here for a few days (three?)  So today I had to tear all the way through Tokyo on my bike, which was painful, since the street and the sidewalk are both crowded with objects going at the wrong speed.  I got lost in the morning, then spent a sort of siesta looking at the Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Museum in Ueno Park.  The first had an enormous exhibition of calligraphy.  Some of this was interesting, when it was less words and more of a Jackson Pollock-like impression of a single character.  Still, since I didn’t really understand the characters themselves and couldn’t tell apart the names of the artists (the ones I could read were generic: the fact that an artist’s name is Ishii or Murakami or Sugimoto doesn’t really tell you anything), everything blended together, and I was done after half an hour.  The National Museum had lots of interesting ancient artifacts, but eventually I decided I had to go on since the heat had gotten a little less awful and I had a while to go.  Then, more weaving between others moving somewhere.  At one point I was surprised to find myself in the Ginza.  The rest of the time was fairly uneventful; most of the things I can see while biking no longer surprise me.


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